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The links above will take you to the Mega folder where all the clips are kept, the master spreadsheet, and the latest version of the torrent. If you want to help, please check the home tab of the spreadsheet.

To everyone who's ever sourced a raw, timed, translated, checked, corrected, watched, or shared any of these videos: thank you for everything and keep the faith!


2021.03.05 - New root folder added: 08 - Soko ga Shiritai, with 191 episodes! This is a show that aired in the 80's/90's in Japan, but was also subbed and aired by KIKU-TV in Hawaii. These are all rips from those broadcasts. The title (probably) translates to "I Want to Know", and the series focuses on various aspects of Japanese life/industry/culture. Thanks for these, helico!

2021.02.26 - Added a whole bunch of Hard Gay clips and now I want more. If anyone has any Razor Ramon HG stuff that isn't already in 02 - Orphaned Clips, let me know.

2020.12.01 - Looking for a translator to work on Knight Scoop 2019-11-29 (the first episode with Matsumoto as chief). The episode is fully typeset and ready to go. I showed you my library please answer me: bipedal0@gmail.com

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